Match Scores

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      Record is 493-24 and was set 4 January 2004 by Roy H.

Across the Course 200 yard.  Sitting/ Standing/ Offhand.     Rapid fire and Slow fire.       1st Sunday of the month.

      20 rd. record is 200-18X and was set 12 Oct 17 by Ken Miller 40 rd. Record is 400-30X and was set 29 Jan 2017 by Roy H

60 rd. Record is 600 43X and was set 10 December 2017 by Ken M

Prone at 300 yards.  Any rifle, any sight/scope.         2nd Sunday of the month


      Records 399-14 set 17 Dec 2016 by Ken M. 60 shot record is 600-43X set by by Ken M. set 31 Dec. 2017

200 yard, 4th Sunday of the month.         

      Record is 500-34X set by Ken M. and Bill Mc. on January 6, 2018

Pics of the Rimfire (.22 Cal)  50 yards.    1st Saturday of the month