LHCSC Range & Safety Rules
Updated 10/7/2009

1. This is a COLD RANGE, which means NO loaded guns permitted except on the firing line. Law Enforcement officers
are exempt. Persons with a valid CCW permit are exempt when their carry gun is concealed or secured in a vehicle.

2. All firearms, NOT ON THE FIRING LINE, must be carried, cased or holstered with the hammer down or the action open.
Any firearm that uses a magazine must have the magazine removed.

3. Handle your firearm as if it is loaded at all times. Do not load your firearm until you are ready to fire, the muzzle is
pointed safely down range, and the range is clear of people. Do not allow the muzzle of your firearm to sweep over/past 
anyone at any time.

4.  Eye and ear protection is strongly recommended for shooters and spectators.

5. Shooters under 18 years old must be under the direct supervision of a parent or responsible adult.
Members are responsible for their spouse, children and their guests.

6. Range Safety Officers are there for your safety, follow their instructions. If the shooter disregards the instructions
of a RSO, the person may be asked to leave the range. It is the shooters responsibility to see that their firearms(s) and
ammunition is safe. The conduct of a member or a visitor is subject to all laws.

7. When more than one shooter is using a bay, all shooters in that bay must fire from the same firing line.

8. Anyone may call for a "CEASE-FIRE" due to a safety violation. Shooters may call for a "CEASE-FIRE" to go 
down range to change or inspect targets. Upon the "CEASE-FIRE" command all firearms will be benched or 
placed unloaded in a rack with the actions open. All shooters must move away from their firearm. Shooter 
will remain away from their firearms until an "ALL CLEAR" signal is given.

9. Targets should be setup so the bullets will impact the back berm. Do not shoot at targets on the ground, target
holders or any object that can shatter or leave hazardous residue. Do not shoot at targets that could cause a ricochet
that endangers shooters or spectators. Remove your used targets.  Clean up your brass and trash then place it in a
trash barrel or dumpster.  Exemptions are made to these rules during organized shooting matches or practice that
follows the rules of the shooting organizations involved.

10. Rifle or Pistol bays may have special Rules. Follow the Posted Rules for that bay.

11. Any person who wants to shoot a Class III firearm or a firearm which is 50 Caliber BMG or larger must have
prior approval of the Board. Tracer, armor piercing and steel core ammunition is prohibited. The use of Muzzle
Loaded or Black Powder rifles and pistols are exempt from the above caliber limits.

12. On the shotgun ranges, actions will be open at all times until the shooter is ready to engage the target, or the
gun is placed in the rack.  Shotgun actions must be open and unloaded when changing stations.  Shotgun shells
cannot have shot size larger than 7 1/2. (The smaller the number, the larger the size of the shot.)
Pistols and rifles are NOT allowed on the shotgun ranges.

13. When the Range is closed to the public, a Club member may ask any person on Club property, to show
his/her membership card.  Any un-authorized person on Club property is subject to Trespass laws.

14. NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUGS allowed on the Club property and no use of the range if you
are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Violation of this rule may result in arrest by local law
enforcement and loss of Club membership.