Membership is open to anyone 18 years or older who agrees to the below guidelines.

I am an adult, not legally prohibited from owning, possessing or firing a firearm in the State of 
Arizona. I further acknowledge that I have Read, Understand and Received a current copy of 
the Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations of LHCSC and agree to abide by these at all times. 
I understand that per the Bylaws my Membership may be suspended or terminated for 
violation of Club Bylaws or Rules by my family, my guest or myself.

New members must appear in person to become a member so that the person who enrolls 
the new member
can explain the range safety rules, bylaws and how to secure the gate when 
they enter and exit the facility. The applicant may be asked for identification.

A new member is considered a voting member with one vote. The membership includes the 
members spouse and children under 18 years of age. A member is responsible for his/her 
spouse, children and their guest. 

The 2017 membership fees are $75.00 per year and $600.00 for a lifetime membership.
Membership is by the calendar year. Dues are not prorated but a person joining after 
dues are set at the October meeting will have a free period if they pay the next 
years dues. They will not have voting rights in the January election. Membership may be renewed via US Mail or in person.

New members are given a membership card a gate access card may be obtained for a ten dollar refundable deposit. Members may
use the pistol and rifle ranges at any time unless the range bay is reserved for a match. The
use of the shotgun range equipment is limited to shotgun range hours unless prior
permission is given by the shotgun Board members. Member receive an additional
benefit with lower shotgun fees and sometimes lower match fees.

Membership may be obtained at the Club House located at the shotgun range during hours the 
shotgun range is open. See hours. The Club does not take credit cards.

Membership information is held confidential and is for Club Use Only. 
The Club does not give out or sell members names, e-mail addresses or other information to 
any person, club, government agency or business.